A Walking Study in Demonology || Minwoo & Hyuna



"Anything and everything." She spoke softly, holding the glass in her hand. "So far everything I’ve been able to gather has been things I have done purely on accident." She frowned, "I want to know why the institute my parents worked for wanted me so badly. I want to know what they expected from me."

She took a sip of the bloodwine, the taste new and exotic to her. She had to admit, it tasted rather good. “You see, not too long ago they took me from the streets, held me captive and beat me. The entire time they kept telling me that I was capable of more, that I could do so much more, but I didn’t believe them.”

"It got to the point that I just couldn’t take it anymore, that I was certain I was going to die and then it was like a light switched on and some darker side came forward and with powers I never even dreamed I had, I laid waste to the entire building and everyone in it." She bit her lip before sipping the wine again.

"I just thought that since people like me were banished to the demon realms and you being a demon, you would know so much more than I do. I’ve been reading book after book, but it hasn’t helped as much as I had hoped and so I came to you." she shrugged, "I’m not sure what I have to offer in return for the information, but at this point I’m willing to give what I can to get it."

"Why don’t you ask them? I won’t have the answers to those questions." Minwoo answered swiftly, red eyes on the girl. "It is true that the necromancers were banned from this world. You see they fled the realm of humans a long time ago when they lost a big war… ah you should read up on history books on the academy. There was this big fight and they wanted to take over… Anyhow as far as I know that happened everywhere because at one point magic started to disappear in this realm, right? So the necromancers probably tried to grasp every last straw of magic. yet they failed and they fled and were banned…" Minwoo shrugged "They seem to be returning now and at least here the headmaster accepts them. But that’s the same guy.. or girl I don’t know, the same person that allowed the Triumph Trials." He gave Hyuna a stern look. 

"Sounds pretty bad and badass if you ask me, some other side huh? Like the Hulk?" he snorted as he thought about Hyuna with green skin. "I think it is like how demons are when they get really pissed off. They lose themselves too. When I get really angry I get all scary looking with horns and completely red eyes and stuff, it is really awesome. Anyhow, I get much stronger at those moments, because your body and spirit know you need it. I guess it is the same with you?” He offered. 

Minwoo was no expert sadly- “Listen, if you want to know more… I know of some old necromancer that lives in the demon city I used to come very often. Maybe I could take you there? Not for free of course, but you know..” He shrugged “What do you think you can give?”

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"Not a chance in hell," the demon replied with a small snort. "I’m not ruining my hair." Which was a weak excuse, granted, but might just work considering that if he could be vain for his looks it was usually for reasons like this one.

"Your hair is very pretty yes.” He smiled eyeing his lover’s duo-colored hair. “But I still think a strawhat would look good on you.” He pouted a little and put the hat on Jonghyun’s lap. “keep it.” 

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"I’m not wearing that."


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(/buys more strawhats in different sizes)

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“I was looking for them to—” Rav started, before he realised that arguing the point with the bartender was going to go nowhere. “You know what? Never mind that,”

The veela gladly accepted the blood wine without being able to read the label, while at the same time not even bothering to ask what it was. It had the coppery tang of blood, tasting to him like fermented pennies left in rubbing alcohol then drained. He gave his glass a quizzical look, holding it up to his face, swirling the glass - then glanced at the bartender with both a slight confusion and alarm when the viscosity of it resembled—

“…Wine’s got legs,” he commented ambiguously, watching Minwoo’s face. Rav lowered his glass again. So when the guy mentioned vampires…?

He let that idea sit with him for a moment. It didn’t last too long, however, and the veela felt the need to fill the silence;

"…Anyways, I’m not what you’d call a professional, but I’ve had stage time," he changed the subject, trying to act casual even though he was super uncomfortable with the idea that he just drank something’s, or someone’s, blood. Not because he was against it per se, but because it was more trouble for him than it was worth. Involuntarily vegan, he was going to have a super upset stomach in not too much longer if he didn’t go into the bathroom and vomit it up. Glancing around for an escape route, he looked incredibly skittish about his glass.

Minwoo didn’t really comment on the male as long as he was just chitchatting and not saying anything useful, he just eyed the veela with gleaming red eyes. “I already have one of your kind employed, not to dance but as a musician and I am unsure how more of you I can handle. People are getting a little desperate.” He eyed the customers, judgement filling his eyes. So many half broke men and women came here just to see the guitar playing veela. He liked it ofcourse, and when they couldn’t pay in money he took their blood as payments or their houses, lovers etc. Yet he wasn’t sure if Rav would bring in the same amount of people and he needed new people not simply transferring them from one veela to another.

"What’s up with the drink?" he asked, frowning as he sensed the other’s blood making double jumbos. “Are you okay? Your blood is upset.” Minwoo grabbed a towel just in case and threw it at the male. “Do not vomit on my bar.”


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(/wears a strawhat).

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Uh, I have some things to do at my club, meet me there at four?

Jaejoong arrived at the familiar building ten minutes earlier than that. So far he hadn’t told anybody else, not even Min Jun about the news; figuring, that Minwoo would want to do it himself and yet the hunter was too curious as that he could’ve waited much longer — curious and also a tad bit concerned. His eyes skimmed around warily of the surroundings he found himself in, where humans were barely more than prey at night time and hunters even less than that, but there was no fear or hesitation in the way he eventually opened the door and stepped through. “Minwoo?” He called out to announce his presence, seeing how the blood demon was nowhere to be found just yet.

Minwoo stood up, red eyes glimmering as he sensed the blood of his brother nearby. It was no surprise to him that the tall figure was already in the establishment, filled with horny vampires eyeing the hunter hungry. Minwoo however was in charge here and as soon as he welcomed the male the vampires redirected their attention to less dangerous subjects. “Jae-” he smiled, their blood bond stronger than ever after their last… adventure. “How are you? Do you want anything to drink?”

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[text] why is everyone so surprised Jjong asked me… and yes we were. He asked me for that TOO!
[text]I didn’t act thaaat surprised! Oh Minwoo! And you’re happy? So long as you’re happy I’m happy for you!

[text] yes you diiiiid! I am very happy! I finally feel complete again- ah is that sappy? vnv. I don’t care. I think I will ask Jae to help me with the wedding plans since he is going to marry too, you know? But you want to help too? 

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"Should we tell Jonghyun’s dad.."

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