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Blood Desire
No Minwoo - Blood demon - Eighteen
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I really want to explore some dark plots and themes I just have faced  another failed plotting attempt and I am a bit pissy about it tbqh. For this and other characters, also willing to do AU. NSFW and open for a lot of themes. Please send me a message if you are willing to plot <3.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if I haven’t replied to a para in two weeks or more tell me! I missed a lot and the activity tab is no help either. I just found out I missed a reply from Jaejoong for two weeks and was so pissed ugh. So please shoot me a message if you are waiting on a reply from me <3. 

A Walking Study in Demonology || Minwoo & Hyuna


Another restless night had her wandering, her flashlight in hand as she made her way along. For as long as she had been there and for as long as she had been back, she had never really explored the campus and it seemed to her, despite warnings to do the exact opposite, that perhaps a restless night was the perfect time to do so.

She held the map in her hands and looked at it, there were so many places she could go. There were portals, caves, tunnels, and even catacombs. The word had a certain appeal to it. Dead things tended to be found in catacombs and since it seemed that only dead things wanted her company, perhaps it was the perfect spot to venture to.

Flashlight in hand, she made her way along, following the map as she walked. She’d, admittedly, never been down in a catacomb before and she wasn’t sure what she would find or what might find her. Oh quit being a baby. The voice sighed and she rolled her eyes, “I am not a baby, but it is a valid thought. Who knows what’s living down there.”

She continued on, finding herself outside before long and standing at, what she assumed to be, the entrance to the catacombs. Her pendant glowed red, alerting her that there were plenty of spirits to be had around her, the whispering faint as she made her way into a tunnel, hoping beyond hope she’d be able to find her way out.

The catacombs were a place of sacred whispers and an unholy safe haven for spirits restless and unguided. No Minwoo sat on a wooden chair, made in the 18th century by a vampire lord of some kind. The spirits around him danced in the air, they were like small puffs of black smoke, tiny swirls in the air that seemed to be undecided on where they danced towards next. His hands moved slowly as the red orbs were fixated on a blob of blood floating in the air in front of him, the crimson liquid slowly moving from left to right, down and then up again. As if they were in space it moved as if not affected by gravity at all. 

His eyes darted away for a second, quickly returning to the blood. yet he sensed something close. A soul, blood walking, someone was closer than they should be. But maybe they would go away again. He hoped so. This chamber was deep underground, in the corners were tables with books and empty glass bottles that once contained blood. Obscure letters were written on the walls in blood and the chains that hung from the walls were obviously used not too long ago. 

The moment the female walked into view Minwoo’s gaze darted up, the blob of blood falling to the ground. Splattering all around and Minwoo cursed, the dark spirits frantically moving around him and he whispers, making them disappear as he stood up. Dressed in all black with the coat almost floating behind him as he got up. “What do you want.” was harshly said to the intruder. 

❤ || Out of place || Minwoo & Jieun



Darting her tongue across her lips to wet them, Jieun soon pursed them as she let the question he asked run through her mind. How would they ever be fixed? Why oh why did he have to ask such hard questions? The questions that made one really stop and think of the possible answers. It would be so much easier to lie and say that with time everything would be fixed, but she’d lived long enough between her former home in the skies and where she was now to know how untrue that answer would have been.

As Minwoo spoke her eyes closed and she could picture everything he was describing so realistically that it hurt. Dedication wasn’t hard the boy had mentioned before, but Jieun doubted that. Dedicating yourself to someone so different from who you knew before had to be hard, and that he had done it with so much passion and dedication was yet another show of just how much he loved Jonghyun. “Shh it’s okay I know.” Jieun didn’t need him to finish his sentence or attempt to voice what he imagined a life without him would be. “Maybe things won’t be fixed, and back to the way they were before.” The words were presented with a hint of caution to them and Jieun leaned her head upon his pressing a soft kiss to his hair. “But that doesn’t mean that they won’t work out in different ways. Ways that could be better than before,” Jonghyun could fall back in love with Minwoo just as deep as he had loved him before, Jonghyun could snap out of whatever possession, hypnotism or whatever it was that was holding him captive. 

"The future isn’t set in stone you know. It doesn’t take much more than a feather to change the tide." Leaning back to glance down at him she smiled and her fingers softly tugged his cheek. "Or in your case a persistent demon who knows what his heart wants. You know they do say love can conquer all." Despite all the things that had happened Jieun still couldn’t help but to believe that saying with all her heart. 

Minwoo laughed a little, shaking his head a bit as he leaned a little against his sister’s shoulder. “I do not want a different future, maybe it is silly but I do not believe there is anything better than that perfect picture I always imagined in my head. Ever since I was young I dreamed of getting married and having children and having a family… Of course that dream was forgotten as soon as my hormones set in and I just wanted to have a lot of sex.” Another laugh escaped his lips. “But that time is behind me. I just want everything to work out…”

"Well if there is anything I have more than enough of, it is love." The demon joked and his smile was exhausted, his red eyes dimmed as he leaned against the other and then slowly the lids closed, hiding the garnets behind darkness. "I’m glad I didn’t die though… when I thought he was gone I was so close to it and now I am still alive and I am glad… Thank you Jieun.. for everything." He remained where he was with his eyes closed. "Everyone seems to leave you know… Jeongmin left and Donghyun… Even that lousy werewolf died and then there are all these others that left us. Some without even a word… I never heard again from the imaginary friend I dated.. L.joe was his name I believe.. they all leave us eventually. Isn’t it scary?" he bit his lower lip. "I think it is scary.." 

His hand found hers, linking their fingers together without even blinking to peek at their hands. He knew where her hands were by sense. “I won’t leave you though. And you won’t leave me. We have to believe that, that there are some that will never leave. Otherwise I’ll lose myself along with it.”

✝ Archway to danger ● Minwoo, Uruha & Key




Thankfully, it appeared that the reliability of the elf’s consistency in actually checking his phone when a message was delivered was prompt rather than uselessly delayed. That he knew by the quick return message that beeped in his pocket, and though the warlock lifted not a finger to check the device, he knew it to be the elf as few others had his personal number. Meantime, the boy was still at a disadvantage and struggling with whatever in god’s name he’d summoned up from the visible portal that had overrun the catacomb’s ground at a distinct 10 foot radius all around that core spot where the childish brat had been assumedly been standing. It was truly astounding that the warlock would have to deal with such a mess and save a life he would have normally allowed to slip right back into that summoned void of space. Oh the drags of holding an educational occupation.

While the elf was likely making haste in urging his lithe figure to the catacombs at this moment, the boy was shouting most desperately, in his ears, for help. The warlock frowned at the near-peril boy and heaved a sigh of exhaustion just by the mere sight. “Idiot students.” The warlock commented before analyzing the pentagram on the floor with concentrated eyes and the materials used to summon… this thing. The candles had all been knocked over, and the book used was shut and likely not where it had started at the beginning of this ritual-gone-wrong. In his head, the warlock took to planning a method of counter-action. Something would need to be done to sever the tie between the child and his work, otherwise he would be of no help. Blood magic was a tricky side of the craft.

When the elf did arrive, in an equal huff as himself it seemed, there was no amusement playing on that usually joking face. “Looks as though I had reason to call them idiots.” The warlock remarked, pacing carefully around the range of the portal so that he would be directly behind the student and the thing that was grasping for it’s new play toy. “You certainly summoned something more than you could handle on your own.” It was a brief chide to the demon boy, but the warlock nodded at his elf companion. “Kibum, can you raise an enchantment upon the idiot? Levitation or something similar? I need him up and out of the pentagram altogether but you cannot step a toe into the pentagram itself. First, I will weaken the creature. When his grip slackens, you must seize the moment, can you do that?”

Was this a bad time to mention to Uruha that Key was not a witch nor a warlock yet a simple elf that was specialized in enchantments and charms on items rather than actual magical spells that had a significant impact on the world around them? Probably not, luckily Key was intelligent enough to work around his lesser powers and compensate with his eternal beauty and quick thinking. He did also really good under pressure and since the young demon was screeching like a cat right now because he was afraid to be eaten by the monster that had grabbed him, the pressure was high enough for Key to nod. “sure I can.”   Key said and smiled. He wasn’t able to levitate the demon himself perhaps, yet he knew how to levitate other things. 

Like his staff. 

He let go of the wooden length and it floated towards the boy, the diamond on top giving out a strong light as it inched closer to both the demon and whatever dark creature was trying to get the demon. Meanwhile Key whispered soft enchantments as his violet eyes were fixated on the boy, around him items started to glow and buzz, slowly coming under the power of the elf as the staff entered the pentagram’s ring of power. Around the magical artifact belonging to Kibum the shield of protection buzzed, a circle of light that shimmered around the item, when Minwoo would be released by the creature the staff would quickly surround the demon and pull the fool out of danger. 

"I’m ready Kouyou." 

Now, Minwoo did not exactly appreciate being called an idiot. Especially not if the insult came from human lips, but as his thoughts went on he didn’t mind so much when said human was going to help him nt being eaten by a gigantic monster that tried to pull him into whatever the pit was he had opened. 

Maybe next time he would have to read the spells more carefully that he tried out. The grasp on his legs was tightening and he was losing strength in his fingers. Slipping in further into the abyss of what he assumed was endless torture or death. “Fuck.” He muttered, sweatdrops rolling over his back and forehead, eyes closed in pain as he bit his lower lip, unable to do anything but hold on and wait. Waiting wasn’t exactly the strongest point of the demon student. When professor Uruha made a comment he snapped back “You think?!?" As if he didn’t know himself that this wasn’t the best possible outcome of his spell. Fucking humans and their witty attitudes. 

ugh. “Please fucking help me. please.”


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Clarity || Minwoo & Jonghyun



Somehow, Jonghyun had expected the blood demon to look worse and he found himself feeling almost guilty for the thought before reminding himself that it would have been no surprise if he had been more harmed, considering the company they were in. Minwoo spoke to him, but aside from a short glance over towards him, he did not even seem to acknowledge his presence, much less his words that refused to register in the elder’s mind. Impassive eyes, brimming with hidden anger, skittered across the room and then settled back on the woman who had led him here, while an invisible finger pushed against the underside of Minwoo’s chin — just a tap, enough for him to feel it and hopefully catch its meaning. Be quiet.

"Aren’t you a dramatic one," she already commented in a dry tone, "I think I liked you better when you kept your mouth shut." Right now it was her word that prevented any of the others from attacking, but Jonghyun did not know how long this mocking peace would last if Minwoo lost his temper and made her bleed and so another light but warning pressure settled against the younger demon; this being the only way of communication that seemed sufficient for now. One wrong word from his lips and they would be in much bigger trouble than this. “You know, I was hoping for some kind of truly magnificent presence when I first heard that there was someone who made you distance yourself from your father like that — and then there’s just this weak, small boy. But it seems we brought the right one, yes?” The woman continued, red locks falling over one shoulder as she tilted her head. How fitting it seemed to be, that the color already reminded Jonghyun of the blood he was after. Yet for now, he could not allow himself to rush into this.

"He made a good point, though," were the first words to leave the demon’s lips and he did not bother to match her melodious tone any longer; the feeling of annoyance and impatience was too strong for that. "Why are we here? If my father has something to say to me, I am pretty sure he would—”

Your fatherwants you to remember your place,” the sharp reply shot back at him, “and he’s already put enough work into you as that he has time to handle every scolding of an immature teenage boy. Not to mention, that you don’t seem to learn this any other way.” She paused long enough to smile at him, a poisonous and sweet expression. “I’ve been told that you only began to break back then, when this sad excuse got involved too, but I wouldn’t have taken you for stupid enough to go back to that weakness as soon as you had the chance. Most people know when to stay away from something they can’t handle.”

Part of what she said was new to Jonghyun as well. His memories of last year’s winter were blurry at best and only surfaced in nightmares where he was usually too busy trying to wake up as that he could pay attention to the details of it — and of course he’d known that Minwoo was part of the illusions back then as well, but not what kind of effect this had on him. “And before you ask,” a female voice broke through his thoughts again, as if she was able to read them, “this is reality, you’re not asleep somewhere and the damage will be very, very real too if this goes wrong for you.” — “Or for you,” the demon couldn’t help but give back, arrogant like nothing else, but right now he polarized every attention-seeking factor about himself for a very specific purpose. It was a bit more difficult to find the ropes binding Minwoo’s arms back when he could not see him directly, a little like searching along his body while he was blind, but the truly dangerous part was to tug them open so slowly that none of the other demons would notice. All of them had their own abilities, without doubt, but at the same time Jonghyun was confident enough to know that none of them would be good enough when it mattered.

"So, just to have a mutual understanding here, Minwoo was supposed to ensure that I don’t attack you? To make me listen?" But something was odd, the demon noticed that much in the same second as the words left his lips. The amused glimmer in her eyes was an indicator for many things, but above all the fact that Jonghyun had missed a crucial detail — one, which only settled into his mind as one of the other demons produced a flame in his palm, that continued to dance over his fingertips almost playfully but kept flickering dangerously close to Minwoo’s face as he crouched down next to him. There had never been any intention to keep him alive, no matter what option he chose. If he did not care enough for the blood demon’s life, it would make no matter and otherwise the point of this entire conversation was useless if he walked out of here together with him later — all Belial had intended was to make him watch, because that was the true reminder here; a reminder of all the things he could do to him next if he did not obey. The fate of one simple young demon on the other hand was unimportant in his eyes, and Jonghyun had overstepped his limits so far, that no argument in the world would be able to change the other’s mind even if he’d been here.

The following seconds went by almost too fast to follow. In one moment, the demon exhaled in what seemed like resignation, but a mere heartbeat later he stepped to the side, with no motion indicating where he was about to go — Jonghyun was faster than most others his age, even more so ever since he’d specifically focused his training on that kind of speed and agility, and it left the demon who was about to lower the fire in his palm down to Minwoo’s face again with no chance to react. He was slammed back even before the older demon reached him, before his hand forced sharp claws right into his chest and closed around his heart. It gave a last frantic pulse against his palm, before his arm drew back and the man collapsed against the ground in a quickly growing circle of blood around him; the sight stirring up distant memories within his mind for a second, but now was not the time to dwell on them or to think.

The ropes should have been loose enough by now to allow Minwoo to tug them apart on his own, and Jonghyun surely hoped that he did, because he could not have his attention on everything at the same time as he forced the group of other demons to scatter by shoving them into as many directions at once as he could, but his eyes — and focus — were on something entirely else, even as he picked two demons at random from the other side of the room and crushed the bones in their chests, hopefully taking as many vital organs with him as possible. The red-haired woman however was the biggest danger here, and he had no doubt that the blood demon could take care of a few others while they were still disorientated or stumbling back to their feet while he prevented her from escaping and running back to his father. Sooner or later, he would hear about this either way but Jonghyun preferred to have a head start. 

"I am not weak!” Minwoo hissed, trying to sit up and falling back down again, red eyes flickering with rage and small puffs of black smoke escaping. “You wench wouldn’t stand a chance against me alone..” The words were mumbled but earned him another kick in the back. Oh he had felt the touch against his chin yet assumed it had been some kind of twitch, not connecting the feeling to Jonghyun at that moment. He remained quiet now as the conversation between the female and Jonghyun continued, his face pressed against the ground, gravel in his mouth and making him feel like throwing up. 

Then he felt the subtle feeling of the ropes loosening and his garnet eyes darted up to Jonghyun, fixated on the other’s face he waited, licking his lips now as the adrenaline rushed through his veins. Yet there was something else to worry about, a demon held a flame close to his face. The heat making him uncomfortable yet not yelp or squeel. Fire was an old friend, an enemy he had faced many times. This did not mean he was looking forward to being burned though. And slowly he understood he was not a hostage. He was the example that Ba’al would set for Jonghyun. Death was no longer something to fear it had become a promise by the male he hated the most. And the moment he realized this, things started to happen. The blood within Jonghyun, the blood within him jumped. Forcefully pumping through their bodies as Jonghyun made his first move. Beastly beauty that was let out of the cage. 

Minwoo pulled loose the ropes around his wrists, kicking another demon with the still bound legs before quickly unwrapping them too. Flaming red eyes burned in the sockets of his skull as he jumped up, his black coat swirling around him as the demon of blood targeted the victim of Jonghyun, tearing the ribcage open with his hands to find an artery to take in the blood. Red splattered over his face as he took the power of another demon for himself. The metallic taste making his tastebuds dance before he turned to the scene at hand. Demons looked lost and Jonghyun’s white mob of hair could be seen going after the red bitch. Minwoo hissed at the demons that wanted to go after Jonghyun, dark souls dancing around him as he raised his hands and made them both sink to their knees grasping their chests. “Cowards! You took me with a group.” He slowly made a fist and blood came out of the ears and eyes of the demons before he turned around on his heels and faced two more demons. Fire demons that walked towards them with their flaming fists. “I am not afraid of fire.” Minwoo whispered and he started to heat up the blood of the demons, boiling their organs as he tilted his head, enjoying the screams of agony. -Yet still weakened the younger remembered what was going on. Jonghyun. He was with that horrid bitch. 

"Jonghyun-" His feet started to carry him towards the source of Jonghyun’s blood, crimson dripping from his coat as he moved. Slamming open the door of the building and finding Jonghyun and the daughter of Ba’al. "Jonghyun." He said. "I’m here." his legs were trembling and his fists shaking as his red stained face was turned towards the female.  

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