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Name: Genevieve
Nickname: Godmin
Mun FC: what. 
Height: 163 cm
Relationship status: Arranged marriage w minwoo. in lesbian w leejieun-ia & kimjonghyun-ia is my mistress & soulmate
Birthday: August 26
Favourite colour: Glitters
Favourite singer/band: BOYFRIEND & My Chemical Romance
Last song listened: mysterious alien docu theme
Last movie watched: The other woman? No HP 4. 
Favourite book: The deathportal
Last book read: Schoolbooks
Currently reading: Schoolbooks (Media law yawns)
# of siblings: 0
# of pets: much
Best school subject: Art
Mac or PC? PC
Cell phone type: Galaxy S3
Current shirt colour: Grey
Gamer?: Yes, cant wait till the new Pokémon aND FANTASY LIFE
Day or night?: night
Summer or winter?: Spring.
Most-visited website?: Tumblr
Celebrity crushes: No Minwoo, other boifran, Lee Pace. JLaw, Jaejoong, Zitao, Currently jamie because of effing natascha, emilia clarke, CL

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✌ Limited edition || Minwoo & Hweji


Hweji had been sitting down with some energy drinks next to her, a pillow, and her game in hand. She didn’t mind sitting by herself for the night as long as she was able to get her game. Though, thinking about how long the line was she honestly didn’t expect it to be as long as it was now. At least she was fairly close to the front.

The mermaid had been running through her Pokemon Y just to level up some of the pokemon she had in her team. When someone suddenly started to talk to her after hours of being quiet in line, she had turned to look at the boy only to smile a bit, nodding. “Uh huh!” Now that she was actually looking at the male, she did recognize him from the school even if they hadn’t talked before. ” Did no one want to come with you to wait for the game?” She asked and giggled since she was on the same boat.

Minwoo grinned and adjusted a little as he waved at her to join where he sat, he sat about six people before the girl but if they objected he would just give them a bloody nose (He had made about five people leave with internal bleeding already tonight because they had been annoying or loud). “I could ask the same to you, but nah. My friends aren’t really into gaming- I had one..” He cleared his throat “But he isn’t ah.. able to join me now. My fiance would kill me if I asked him to join me though. How about you?” he grinned and then offered her some crackers. “I am Minwoo by the way.”

A glance at her handheldconsole made him grin. “What kind of Pokémon team do you have? I have X by the way? What about you?” He leaned in to peek at her screen. 

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Lollipops & diapers || Lay & Minwoo



Yixing looked alarmed. That people wouldn’t like it if he used his power… he hadn’t thought of that. Now that the idea’d been put in his mind, though, he couldn’t shake it. It wasn’t as if he meant harm, when he deliberately used his gift. What if he had to ask permission to use it every time he wanted to? He only wanted to help people… Besides, she’d stopped crying already. 

He’d already made some sort of social gaffe already and he hadn’t even had breakfast yet. Brilliant.

The musica cracked a faint smile at his new nickname, though he looked a little preoccupied, still fretting over Minwoo’s warning. Then he frowned again. “What’s wrong with it?” Yixing asked, raising a hand to touch his hair. It shouldn’t have looked strange… he’d remembered to comb it this morning and everything. He blew his bangs out of his eyes, making her giggle. 

"That’s a good idea," he agreed. Not to mention Yixing was hungry too, as it was so early. "What do you want to eat, Kibz-ah?"

"It looks weird with your face." Minwoo commented, but the demon shouldn’t speak with the dark auburn hair and the single white lock he had himself. even if his hair wasn’t exactly a fashion statement, but that was besides the point. He sighed, holding the child close, still not trusting the musica fully (which was perhaps weird for a demon, to not trust a creature with a much better reputation). 

Minwoo nodded at a small grocery store. “We could just get some bread and food there, do you like that Kibz?” But Kibz was babbling she wanted donuts, pancakes and waffles. Slightly troubled Minwoo looked around and frowned. “I don’t think- Well- uh. XingXing you know anywhere we can get that?”

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The Fire || Seungjin & Minwoo



"I shall see you there then." He nods and bows away, cradling the brief case. He cautiously steps out and as soon as he is out, he runs to a nearby alley way to throw up the remnants of his lunch. He wipes his mouth and decides, since there is no turning back, to prepare himself. 

With slow and heavy steps, Seungjin walks to meet the blood demon and has all the necessary ingredients; fresh goat, a potato, and a mixture of herbs that had gone extinct over 90 years ago. He had dressed in his formal Angel scholar garments; white robe adorned with gold, a ribbon of gold had laced around his throat, and he had pulled out the scholar grimorie and snake sword. Godly and effervescent, yet formal enough for where he was going. “Good to see you, Minwoo. I’m sure by now you also know my name, or names if you look far back enough.” He bowed quietly and followed the other through the hallway. They both walked and finally stopped in front of the supposed door and location where the ritual would take place. 

"Lead the way, after all, I must put my faith in you for this ritual to work." He solemnly admitted. 

The demon raised his eyebrows slowly at the sight of the angel dressed like he was on his way back to heaven. He just eyed the male skeptical, pushing off the wall as he walked towards him. “I haven’t pried into your personal life, angel.” He said and smiled lightly “I don’t know your name or names. I just know your blood.” He shrugged and walked towards the remainders of what once had been a proud building. Now he just slipped into a hole in the ground. “Follow me.” He instructed the other as his feet hit the cold floor made of old marble. 

All your faith? That is a pretty big thing to say for an angel, isn’t it?” Minwoo asked as he lit a torch and lead the way through the moody and moist catacombs. He went left, then right and left again, the way went down, deeper into the ground and then the demon stood in front of a large wooden door, layers of crimson on the surface, staining it in a macabre way that told stories. 

"Come," he said as he whispered some words and dark shadows came from his fingertips, slipping through the lock and with a click the door sprung open. What laid behind was the demon’s lair. 

The room was large and while the catacombs were moist, wet and dirty, this room was obviously given another treatment. The ground was clean from dirt, but red smudges betrayed what had transpired here. Chains on the walls hung down as they waited for new people to lock within their metallic grasp. Large cabinets with glass doors showed ingredients and dozens of bottles with blood. A large table on the left was filled with books and papers. The ground seemed to be reconstructed not too long ago. White stones much younger than the edges of the room. Remainders of bloody pentagrams could be seen.

"So, this is where I do my magic." Minwoo said as he turned to Seungjin. "Will it do?" 

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Family Picnic }} Jieun & Minwoo



"You have to have a daughter, I mean boys are adorable but who am I to play dress up with if you don’t have a daughter?" Part of her life and being was resting on the fact that he would have a girl…or six. "It’s…a nice feeling." She smiled nodding her head as she glanced up at the sky. She could almost feel the wind in her hair and brushing her face. "We should go one day, I carried a teacher, you should be easy."

"You are fully allowed to put my child into cute dresses, no matter what gender they will have. Just don’t tell Jonghyun." Minwoo said with a laugh before putting his arm around the waist of Jieun and tickling a little. Then the lasagna got his primary attention again. "Excuse me?" He looked up "I love you, but being carried by an angel isn’t on my bucketlist."

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Wanted to rp but a ‘lets skype for a bit’ turned into two glorious hours. So will postpone it till tomorrow, sorry guys ily all <3. 

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"I know, it’s not your fault," the hunter shook his head, one shoulder caught in a shrug at the same time. "It’s just awkward to .." He trailed off, choosing to exhale instead of letting any other words follow and now his steps finally slowed; chin leaning towards his chest for a moment before he turned back around. "I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to talk about what he wrote me either; I want to go on with my days and carry on normally. But I’m not angry that he did this because I told him that I wanted him to have a life of his own, that’s something I can say. And that’s why I don’t think it’s good for me to be around him right now."

Jaejoong’s head tilted a little, a muscle in his jaw ticked and it was more than he’d said in the past few minutes combined, but his tone held a certain finality to it. “I couldn’t pretend that he’s just a stranger I met on accident. And I don’t want to make things difficult for him again.” He lingered for three, maybe four seconds after that; gaze drifting towards the water once more before his arms crossed lightly. “Listen, it’s nice of you to worry but you don’t need to. I’m fine like this, and if I ever feel the need to have a long talk with anyone other than my fiance, I know where I can find you. Okay?”

"I didn’t think this would make us like this-" Minwoo mumbled, pulling his feet from the water and slipping them back into his slippers. "So you won’t go to him? And you won’t talk to me? That’s it?" Minwoo stepped back and looked at the other troubled. What was he saying? 

Oh.” Minwoo snorted and shook his head. “You go talk with your fiance then, you don’t need me? Fine Jaejoong, push me away. Just don’t expect to find me where you think I am when you do decide you give a shit. Asshole.” He huffed and turned away, kicking at the ground as he left the pool area. 

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Family Picnic }} Jieun & Minwoo



"That really is good to hear. Don’t forget rule number one in naming t he kids is that one child absolutely has to be named at me and if you have all boys well, Jee-eun is to be ones name. Change the spelling and its totally a guys name." A slight hum left her lips as she fixed herself some lasagna biting into it. "I should text him soon, harassing people has become my specialty and its been a while. And I’m about the same," she shrugged. "A hermit, getting better at fighting thanks to class and the internet, and I can finally use my wings again." She smiled at that fact. It’d been a short while now and yet every flight still felt new. 

"Jee-eun?" Minwoo said and then laughed "I’ll keep it in mind, but I was actually thinking of calling one Jack, if we get a boy. I’d rather have a daughter.” He smiled at his sister. “Flying again huh. that must be wonderful- I wish I could fly” again he nearly added, the memories of flying he had gotten from Youngmin had made him wish for wings of his own. An odd sensation. 

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