Please please please- If I forget to reply to our para. MESSAGE ME. I am so busy that my head is overflowing and I do not ignore anything on purpose. If there is anything I hate it is unfinished threads. So please tell me when I forgot yours. It is not disinterest, I even forgot a para with my bb Natascha and she had to remind me. I am just so busy and when I sit down I barely know where to start. (And like on days as today, I only have muse for very specific threads.) But when I do sit down to reply to everything, I lose track. So Please please please, message me if you have not gotten a reply from me on a para for +2 weeks.]

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password: Birthday

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'jjongwoo', a silly little compilation for genevieve. ♥


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Cards against humanity →


PASS: woozelpooh

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Cards against humanity →

PASS: woozelpooh

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I am going to sleep. Please stay kind tonight uwu. 

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                                      Zitao - alien - stuck on earth

It is the year 1947, the ship of the Ixtab crashed into earth. Zitao flees, leaving not only the crash site but also the only two people he can consider family behind. He switches from alliance, from Ixtab to Naum. Here his new life begins

                                         I am not what they want me to be.

Ⅰ 21+ Mun Ⅰ Looking for Science fiction muses to do past-para's with. (When Zitao was still in space) Space ships, exploding stars, nebula hunts. Everything. Ⅰ Mun is a avid fan of Star TrekStar Gate & Marvel. Craving to rp with muses from these fandoms Ⅰ Character is AU/OC loosely based personality wise on the idol of his FC. Ⅰ  +10 years RP experience. 3 years on Tumblr Ⅰ Rp's through Tumblr only 

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If we ever get a Chris evans Zitao will be his bucky.

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